Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why Ladies Love Rainbow Salt Souffle Body Scrub

It's not easy being a female and it isn't a secret that Ladies do everything in their power to have smooth, silky skin!
Product after product isn't a question for them. They keep hunting till they find what REALLY works.

Shaving, Exfoliating, Exercising, eating right, smelling good, Nails done, Hair done the list goes on and on. Everything has to be just right.

No wonder most of them choose "Rainbow Salt Souffle Body Scrub" to help them accomplish most of their skin regimen.

If you don't already know and never have tried this magnificent Scrub then you are in for a real treat.
Let me tell you what this amazing STUFF in a Tube can do for your skin!
Firstly, this is what it looks like:

The different colors are different fragrances/scents. I personally  call them "flavors"  because the aroma is so Fantastic you can almost taste them.
Yellow = Lemon
Orange = Orange
Purple = Raspberry
Green = Lime
When the flavors are mixed together it smells like Fruit Sorbet.

Now Let me tell you why this Body Scrub is so Amazing!
First, it makes the skin INSTANTLY smooth while applying it. That's right, no waiting for X amount of days for it to work. It does not leave the skin with any oily residue or dry it out either.

Next, the number one and best ingredient in this Body scrub is " Dead Sea Salt" along with Vitamin-C and Oxygen. I use it mostly because I have, or shall I say HAD rosacea/excema. Since I have been using rainbow souffle body scrub on my face and body  I have had no more problems with my skin. I used to have psoriasis on my forearms too. Not any more!

This is me. As you can you see NO Rosacea. I was not blessed with beautiful, blemish free, soft, silky skin. I don't use nightly moisturizers. Don't tell anyone but I'm over 50 years old! Please keep that to your self.

I wasn't always blemish free. But for the last 6 years or more, I have been able to maintain all my skin problems just by being consistent using My 3-Step Cleansing Routine

It's three products that work together.  They are not expensive fancy products either.

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